Sunday, July 10, 2016

Chinese Federation Armored Battle Group - Unboxing

Recently I purchased these models after playing some land games with my French forces using the Fleet Action rule set. The games were a blast so I decided to expand my land forces. First with the Chinese Federation and then next I am looking to possibly acquire an Empire of the Blazing Sun set of forces.

The exterior of the box. Pretty standard stuff for Spartan
The Shen Long Mobile Airfield. The details on this model are incredible and really show off how much Spartans designs have improved over the years.
The individual gear spokes will fit into the slots on the main model allowing you to glue the extensions on in a extended or closed position much like a drawbridge.
Love how this beast looks like a castle!
Shi Medium Robots. These models were probably my least favorite when purchasing this set but have been steadily growing on me since seeing them in person.
I got a little ahead of myself here and glued the bases on. Lots of little details visible on these models.
A close up shot of one of the Shi to show off the excellent detailing present on the model.
Chiwen Medium Tanks. Much like the Shen Long I love how these are like a little rolling castles.
Closer picture of a Chiwen. Its hard to see but the wheels have a lot of detail on them.
Chao Feng Rocket Bombards. I think these guys look awesome with their giant Fireworks launchers.
Close up of a Chao Feng. Again excellent detailing on these models.
All of the Yazi class small tanks. These a pretty cool little miniature. Up close they look like a little house on wheels.
A closer picture of the little wheeled houses. 
A picture of the Chinese SAS tokens. A very cool little model. Same as what is in the Aerial and Naval boxes.
Unfortunately, the boxed set I purchased did not contain the Fushi small robots. I have contacted Spartan and they have already sent replacements to for these so I will update this unboxing once I receive them.

I'm very much looking forward to painting these and getting them onto the tabletop. I have a little time yet as the Fleet Action ruleset still doesn't have stats for the Chinese but it sounds like those are only a week or two off so they will likely be released right around the time I finish painting these guys.

Until next time!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Naval Group - Painted

I know it has been a while since my last post. Life has been unfortunately busy recently. With the release of the new Fleet Action fast play rules I have been able to play a little more frequently.

I also was able to snap some pictures of my completed Polish naval forces.

PLC Skimmer Fleet
Triglav Assault Carrier
Overhead shot of the Triglav. 
Underside of the Triglav Assault Carrier
Dazbog Pocket Battleship
Marowit Class Gunships
Podaga Class Cruisers
Baggiennik Heavy Frigates
All of the SAS tokens painted.
Closer shot of the fleet including the Triglav Assault Carrier, Marowit Gunships and a Baggiennik Heavy Frigate.
Closer shot of the other half of the fleet including the Dazbog Pocket Battleship, a Marowit Gunship, Podaga Cruisers and some Bagiennik Heavy Frigates.
I was really happy with how these all turned out. The scheme was a little bit different that my previous Dystopian Wars schemes. I tried to do more with sturginium glow and I am really pleased with the results. It is something that I will definitely be working with more on future projects.

Speaking of future projects, I am currently working on my recently purchased Danish fleet. I also recently decided to purchase a Chinese Federation Armored Battle Group and some Blazing Sun miniatures.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Naval Battle Group - Unboxing

Its been a long while since I last made a post on here. I apologize for the long absence. I had some major work and personal life occurrences that made it difficult to post regularly. That all is done now though so I will be making posts a little more frequently. I have since then fallen prey to the awesomeness that is Firestorm Planetfall and have started a blog for that as well called the After Planetfall Codices.

For my first post after returning I wanted to do an unboxing of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Naval Battle Group. I really like these models and like what their play style appears to be. I am also a major fan of the Republique of France who also love to set things on fire though a little less aggressively. These guys should be a lot of fun to play against my brother-in-law's Covenant or my son's Prussians.

Box Exterior.
Overhead view of the Triglav Assault Carrier. I got a little too excited and glue the nose tip onto the carrier before taking the pictures.
Underside of the Triglav Assault Carrier.
Underside view of the Dazbog Pocket Battleship and its turrets.
Overhead view of the Dazbog.
Side/Overhead pic of the Podaga Cruiser/Marowit Gunship hulls.
Underside of the Cruiser/Gunship hulls. Similar to the battleship and carrier I love all of the details crammed onto the bottom of these.
Turrets for the gunships and some eagle wings for the cruisers. There was the normal amount of flashing on the bits but overall excellent details and nothing too difficult to clean off.
Bagiennik frigates, again a lot of good details on these models. I personally really like the propellers on the back of the ships.
Russian SAS tokens. I have always been a fan of these and I am very excited to get them painted up.
All of the acrylic bases for the fleet. I clipped all of the stands shorter so that the skimmer are just above the "water".
I am really excited to get this fleet all painted up and into a game. I like the aesthetic and their statistics. Very much excited to try these guys out.

I will try to be a little more frequent with my posts from here on out. Feel free to check our my other blog as I will posting on there as well.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Building a Port City

Hi all! 
I must apologize for the long time since my last post. Between studying and work I have had little time for my hobbies. I'm now back at least for a little while and will be making more regular posts throughout the summer. 

We are getting ready to start a dystopian wars campaign involving the Britannian Cape Colony. There will be representation from all three factions. A combined Italian and mercenary force will be attacking from the West attempting to recover a holy relic for the church. From the Eastern side of the Cape a combined French and Ottoman fleet will be attacking to reduce the Grand Coalitions hold on the African coast. The Grand Coalition fleet defending the Cape Colony is comprised of Britannian,  Raj and Black Wolves ships.

For the campaign I have started working on modular port city. At the moment I plan to have 5 different pieces that can be combined into a number of different ways to create a unique city each time.

To start I bought a large 1 inch thick piece of foam board and sketched out the 5 modular pieces together. I worked to ensure the each one was the same length so that they could be rearranged in the future. Two of the pieces will be end pieces and one will be a corner piece. However, in the future I could easily make additional pieces further differentiate or specialize this port.

Base coated land with buildings laid out.

Mud painted!

Started painting on grass.

More grass and cliff side painted.

Roads added, cliffs drybrushed.

Painting the bricks. Then going back and adding sandstone on the industrial buildings.

Granite roofing painted. Constructed wall around church. Rock outcroppings added.

Added trees, painted rock outcroppings and metal on buildings.

Completed city module!

Closer picture of the finished city module.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Alejor IV - Painting an Arid Planet for Firestorm Armada

I've recently gotten into Firestorm Armada, in addition to Dystopian Wars. My first foray into making terrain for this game is to create a planet for my Directorate fleet to call home. Alejor IV, the fourth planet of the Alejor system. It's very arid but rich in metals and minerals. A small subsidiary to the Directorate, Tansalus Robotics has claimed this world and it's mineral wealth for their own.
I started the project with a 12" diameter hollow Styrofoam half sphere. I briefly sanded it with a fine finish sandpaper and then coated it with mod podge to try and create as smooth of a surface as possible.
Next I painted the entire sphere a dark marine blue. Once that dried I painted a thin coat of turquoise over the dark blue. The idea being for there to be lots of depth and variations of color in the blues.
Ocean painted

Next I needed to draw in some land masses and then fill them in with an earthen color. 
Filling in the landmasses.

After the landmasses dried I dry brushed a sand color on the lower half of the planet as this is supposed to be an arid/desert world. Above the sand I started to add a little more red and brown to the mixture to create a transitional area. I also added some islands and texture to the coast lines to make everything look a little more realistic.
We have deserts and islands!

Next I filled in the upper portion of the land masses with a dark green followed by a light green to give the appearance of plains and forests. This was painted on lightly as I still wanted to retain a lot of variation between the greens and browns. A mixture of a medium brown and red was also used to further deepen the transition between the desert and the northern plains.
Northern plains painted

Next it was time to start detailing the mountains. Using a detail brush I dabbed/blotted along the desert/plains transition to create the illusion of a mountain range. Many of the islands also got a little blot of white as well where I thought a mountain would make sense. The idea was to try and follow a logical path with the mountains. For me I thought maybe a northern mountain range would impede the encroaching deserts allowing for the small valleys you can see below. After that I tried to add snow along the northern coast of each continent.
Mountain ranges and snow.

I detailed a few more mountains and snow and then decided it was time for my Polar Ice Cap. This was just a white paint. Initially I created an outline and then went back and filled it in with white.
Ice Age ho!

After the snow and ice was finished it was time to go through and add some shallow water to further define the oceans. For this I took the turquoise I used for the ocean and mixed a little white and a little light blue. I then very lightly painted this along many of the coasts and around several of the island chains where I thought maybe the water would be a little shallower. Generally closer to the equator had more shallow water than the areas further north.
Shallow waters, check!

Wanting to further define my deserts I took a sand color and mixed a little brown in. I didn't want to completely cover everything painted previously so I wiped of the majority of the paint each time before I blotted the paint on the deserts. The land looked a little more organic this way and still had a lot of depth to it.
Only the clouds left now!

With the terrestrial part of the planet finished I moved on to the final and scariest step.... clouds. Before I even attempted this I researched several pictures of the earth from space on Google to get an idea of how clouds would look from above. I really wanted to capture the depth that people would get from viewing a planet from space. I thinned some white paint and wiped off the brush before each time, leaving only a little paint on the brush I began to blot areas over the water near the pole. It seemed like from the pictures I had looked at that large cloud formations tended to be closer to the poles. I repeated this process until I was satisfied with how the clouds were looking. I tried to be irregular about it as well to make it look more realistic. Overall I am pretty happy with how it turned out and I am definitely looking forward to doing another one!
Alejor IV